Whenever the online business platforms would often like to build the best online presence on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and etc, first of all everyone should need to consider the following key factors which will be really very helpful to optimize your brand and ensure the highest visibility. All types of commercial owners should have to consider all these five significant ways suggested by the experts to focus on your social network profiles.


Step 1- More Social Profiles

 When the business professionals have Twitter and Facebook accounts, you are just missing out on the potentially juicy backlinks from some other platforms and also more search results. The best benefit of having more numbers of social profiles will be helpful to increase your rank in the Google search results.


Step 2 – Use high quality image–

The poorly designed social media network and lower quality images will not attract the potential customers. This is why everybody is highly suggested to pay attention to use only the best quality images on your social media profile and also its cover page. You can assume photo editing software like photoshop to make such a great quality profile photo or cover photo.


Step 3- Keyword focused Bio –

You bio or the about section for your social media accounts should have a main keyword or more important keywords to easily and quickly appear on the search results of the Google as the meta descriptions. This bio of the business professionals will as well as appear within the respective social network’s searches too.


Step 4- Posting frequency –

Today, most of the businessmen are always online to continuously posting their brand related images or videos on their social media network. Basically, it is not necessary to post frequently and you just post something to keep your profile always active. By this way, you can also get enough top ranks on the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Step 5- Increase engagement –

In order to engaging more numbers of target audience in your business website, first of all everyone has to understand that you have to do something different to your potential customers than others. When you are doing differently by posting the various images and videos and updating your social media accounts with the new posts, it will be really great to attract more customers.