One of the starkest realities of the world that we live in is, it is a tough and dangerous place to be. In most parts of the world, crime is an ever-present, and while there might not be a constant fear of murder and home-invasions, violent assault and burglary are serious worries and concerns for many people. So how do you go about securing your property and making sure that it is not easy for uninvited visitors to come calling at any time of the day or night. Securing your property is a very important part of adding to its value and of improving your peace of mind. Here are a few tips to get you sorted.

Use an expert

If you are worried about security, it almost goes without saying that you should start with a proper alarm system. And don’t mess around with a system that activates once a window is broken or an intruder is already inside, look at having motion sensing beams installed outside. It doesn’t really matter where you stay, if you are in an urban area you will almost certainly be able to find an alarm expert in your area. An online search along the lines of  alarm systems should turn up any number of local experts and you can take your pick after getting a few quotes. Working with an expert undoubtedly brings peace of mind.

Dogs really are your best friend

Dogs are great for so many reasons, not least of all for the element of security that they offer. Once they are bonded with you and they know where home is, they will act as both an early warning system and a deterrent. You don’t need to get big attack dogs (although you can if you want), smaller dogs are just as good. Remember that the aim here is not to main and kill potential burglars, it is simply to keep them off your property. Curiously, if dogs don’t float your boat, geese are highly recommended for the same reason – they are aggressive and fiercely territorial.

High walls don’t work

The idea that high walls are a deterrent is a complete myth. While they might be hard to scale, what they do offer is a screen that shields the criminals from the street once they are inside. Having made it through the gate or over the wall any person with malevolent intent will be able to take their time once on the inside, looking for weak points and windows that can be broken without and one being able to see them from the street. A more sensible approach is a palisade fence that can be seen through or just an ordinary low fence – it clearly marks your boundaries but provides visibility as well.

Use your garden well

Strategically placed thorn bushes and trees can be very useful. Pergolas that can be climbed to give access to upstairs windows at your property are suddenly very unattractive when covered with sharp spikes. Vulnerable windows or potential entrance points can also be easily defended with a well-placed rose or bougainvillea. These deterrents are surprisingly much more effective than traditional burglar bars.