Why Your Next Renovation Should Include Sliding Doors

The popularity of sliding doors is on the rise for a wide variety of reasons, compelling more and more people to take note of these underrated gems. Beautiful design and unparalleled functionality are offered by the absence of traditional hinges, as they are an ideal solution is homes with limited available space. Aside from their versatility and asthetic appeal, there are a lot of reason to love sliding doors – in this blog, we detail a few of the reasons why these doors have found their way into so many homes around the country. Read on to learn more!

Combining form and function

One of the best things about sliding doors is something other doors cannot offer – many siding doors allow for glass to make up much of the door, allowing seamless lighting through natural light and the ability to see outside, so parents can easily watch their children from the comfort of their lounge if need be. The sheer variety of options available also make sliding doors an excellent choice – materials that can be used to make up sliding doors can include wood, aluminium, fiberglass and vinyl, which can then be painted to complement the space that they are being installed in. Sliding doors are also ideal for use in any room of the house, including bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. As there is liberal use of glass in these doors, it is important to make sure you have enough privacy for the space you’re in, however. They’re also great for outside use (depending on the materials used), as thy offer great visibility and natural light exposure. So, whether you’re looking for sliding doors in Sydney or Perth, the benefits are plain!

Some important notes about sliding doors

Although they offer a host of impressive benefits, these can sometimes come at a cost. Sliding doors, due to the increased number of parts involved, require homeowners maintain them more than they would a normal door. This is especially true if the door is outside, as these doors can accumulate dirt and grime far more readily. To manage this, all you’ll have to do is find the time to vacuum and wipe up the frame and the hardware of the door every now and then, plus it’s usually recommended to lubricate the locking and sliding mechanism twice a year. Not paying attention to this can result in the door deteriorating, sometimes to the point where the entire tracking system or door need to be replaced. The issues you have with your door will also depend on the materials it’s made of – for instance, aluminium doors are very hardy and are much better at managing weather. Wooden sliding doors, for obvious reasons, should not be used outside.

Make sure to give sliding doors a go

Sliding doors are an excellent door to introduce into a space, whether for their great light properties or their versatility in small spaces. When shopping around, it’s very important to keep in mind the materials used in sliding doors are not ideal for every environment, so you should do some research beforehand to find the best option for you. Similarly, sliding doors do requite maintenance (although not too often), so this should also factor into your decision. All up though, they’re a winning choice!

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